Come celebrate the “beginning of the end” or the “end of the beginning” during Goldsmiths, University of London's Digital Arts Computing degree show. 30+ computational artists exhibit their latest artwork during the Exit Strategy degree show, with artworks exploring important topics, enhanced through the medium of interactivity, sound and electronics.

Question the vastly influential nature of our internet-driven lives and what effect this may have on our future generations. Will the increased popularity of the term “fake news” alongside the erosion of privacy and accountability lead to the potential for the wide spread of miss-information, manipulating the youth? Learn about the life stories of people who lived throughout the reign of the Soviet Union-era. What was life was like during a time where freedom seemed limited? Including the potential irony-laced concept of “freedom”. Finally, explore the unusual connection between human touch, electronics and softness in an interactive piece that uses heating pads and thermochromatic ink to create a sense of bodily contact. Emphasising the importance of being aware of one's interaction with the materials around us and the need to have one's body and person confirmed in relation to these materials.

Explore these artworks alongside 20 others during the “Exit Strategy” show Thursday May 3rd - Monday May 7th at St James Hatcham, Goldsmiths.

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